A private beauty culture school with a Christian foundation.

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Legacy Beauty Academy in Tomball, Texas

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Turn your dreams of becoming a makeup artist or hairstylist into a reality at Legacy Beauty Academy, the leading beauty school in Tomball, Texas.

At Legacy Beauty Academy, our students receive extensive hands on training keeping up with the latest salon and fashion trends. Our school also offers salon services to the public at discounted salon prices.

   Why Choose Us?
With Legacy Beauty Academy, you can become a licensed cosmetologist in as little as 9 months and pay less than half of what area schools charge for tuition. By being a private owned beauty culture school, we offer small classes with individual needs in mind. Direct hands on intruction from our staff makes our private atmosphere sore above the nation wide chain schools. We believe that having an open door policy with our students to meet with our Director when problems arrise that may prevent them from reaching their goals in the industry, is the key to success for both our students and our school.

If you are a working student, you can also take part-time courses and enjoy flexible schedules so you have time for your work or family.  With our extensive training and keeping our students family's a top priority when scheduling, Legacy Beauty Academy has a very low drop-out rate in comparison to other schools. We set our goals high and help each student reach their own individual goals as well.

   About Legacy Beauty Academy
Legacy Beauty Academy (formerly Tomball Beauty Academy) is a family-owned-and-operated cosmetology school with a Christian foundation. Our program emphasize the theory of hands-on experience in a work place environment. Legacy Beauty Academy is honored to offer an atmosphere conductive to learning and individual growth. We service numerous clients each day with students perfoming skilled practical assignments just as it will be in the workforce.

   Our Director
Our director, Ms. Green, went into cosmetology straight out of high school and has an extensive background in cosmetology instruction, salon serices, pageantry, as well as creating runway and fashion shows. With over 20 years of experience, she enjoys changing the lives of students each day and keeping students up with the latest trends. 

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